e3 associates is a different kind of professional services company. Beyond Consulting, beyond Executive development, e3 associates deliver Measurable Results and Learning which sticks. Our real-life experience provides you with the cutting edge.

Our mission: Giving Business Leaders a new way to succeed. We enable CEOs, COOs, functional and business unit heads to:

  • Create innovative solutions to solve the toughest business challenges
  • Build unbeatable effectiveness by working twice as fast with fewer resources
  • Empower committed, passionate teams who make more progress with less conflict

Our expertise: Founded in 2004, we are a networked organization of 192 associates offering:

  • Strategic originality combined with a practical approach for all types of business process improvements (Trailblazer TM)
  • Pioneering expertise in supply chain management, including procurement, logistics, and education.

Do you need a solution that you can implement rather than a consultant’s report? Call us and we will put you on the road to success.